What kind of sales person do you trust?

Gintaré Povilaityté, Project Development Manager, Ruukki Lithuania
Dec 11, 2017

What with time flying by so fast nowadays, information flow being so huge and changes being made immediately, choosing the best solution for yourself or your business has become one of the most difficult things we face. And we’re not just talking about construction field, but in general. 

When we’re buying a cheap, small, everyday thing, we really don’t care too much. But what about when it’s not cheap? How do you choose when you’re buying a new house, or a piece of land for your new investment?

Personally, when I buy something worth a lot of money, the first thing I do is try to find a contact person. Trying to navigate the confusing structures of a large corporation might be hard work, but it is certainly mission possible. I hate answering machines, and calling and listening to a recorded voice for a few minutes before ultimately hearing that nobody is available at the moment. Or those request forms on websites where you write your question with an expectation of getting an answer someday. 

How to be credible, demonstrate expertise and build trust at every step of the sales process?

Isn’t it so that the more technology surrounds us, the more we like to find a human being on the other end of the line to take care of our problems; someone we can trust?

But how can you build trust with a sales person?

Gah! They all are the same… some would say. Sales people have to understand the business and the market, but the issue of trust will always be the most important, especially in terms of long-term prospects. Trust MUST be earned.

To build trust, a sales person must:
  • be themselves, not pretend to be someone else
  • demonstrate expertise
  • be attentive and a good listener
  • understand the business
  • understand the market
  • keep promises
  • pick up the phone
  • demonstrate credibility
  • deliver quality goods
  • deliver goods on time
  • solve problems, not create them
  • prove that everything has been taking care of, or will be.

So to build trust, just remember to follow the list above.  Sounds easy, right?
Because just once you have lost trust, there’s no way of getting it back. That should be a sales person’s motto. 

Gintaré Povilaityté
Project Development Manager, Building Components, Ruukki Lithuania

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