An End of Yet Another Unbelievable Challenge 2017

Feb 02, 2018

The Unbelievable Challenge 2017 – an architectural ideas competition for young architects - has come to an end. And what a wonderful competition it was! 

This time around, Mr. Santa Claus, our main investor, was looking for help to renovate an outlet building he found for storing and sharing all the extra gifts he’s left with each year after Christmas Eve.

Also, the competition, once again, proved to be an amazing way to illustrate how Ruukki products can be used in the most imaginative way in a plethora of different renovation solutions. 

“I feel it has always been in the core of our values to encourage people to innovate and dream big. The Unbelievable Challenge open architectural ideas competition is our way of supporting aspiring designers and making the voice of a new generation heard in our industry.” says Tiina Tukia, VP, Marketing and Communications from Ruukki Construction.

The winner of The Unbelievable Challenge 2017


Young architects from 22 countries set their entries to this competition. But let us introduce the winner of The Unbelievable Challenge 2017 – Ben Feicht! The young and talented Mr. Feicht has been educated in his native US and received a Master of Architecture from the University of Oregon in 2017.  

Ben has also turned out to be a seasoned cosmopolite, as, in addition to participating in The Unbelievable Challenge 2017, he’s also studied in Barcelona and lived in Shanghai developing conceptual designs of educational and civic projects. 

Ben showed true skills and vision with his entry titled “Unwrapped”, where he delightfully connected the interior and the exterior of the building with mirrors. The solution tied the mall to its surroundings, and made the shops inside a part of the city life, attracting people to explore the inside of the building. This insight coupled with a strong narrative earned him the grand prize – €1,000 cash prize and an amazing 10-week internship at Snøhetta, the world-renown international architecture, landscape architecture, interior design and brand design office based in Oslo, Norway.

The competition was organized by Ruukki partnering with 

Helsinki Design Week  
Echo Polska Properties  

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