Ruukki delivers copper façade for Kymenlaakson Osuuspankki bank

Nov 02, 2017

Ruukki supplied the copper façade for the bank building. The Ruukki Emotion façade system, which includes a perforated copper profile with lighting effects, was installed in the ceiling of the entrance to the bank. Ruukki Emotion has also been used in the banking hall inside.

Refurbishment of the Kouvola branch of Kymenlaakso Osuuspankki bank has now been completed. Ruukki delivered the copper, bronze-coloured façade for the bank building. Copper design profiles were also used for the cladding of the machine room on top of the roof of the building. Ruukki’s Design Oulu A T10 design profile was largely used in the façade. 

Copper was also used earlier in the building façade. Architect Ulla Hovi chose the same material for the refurbished building.

”I think the bronze-coloured copper is elegant, durable and in the spirit of the times, as well as being a suitable façade material reflecting the character of the building. Customers are ready to invest in quality in façade materials, especially when this means a longer, more durable lifecycle,” said architect Ulla Hovi, who designed the refurbishment.

The entrance on the Tavarakatu street side has been designed to act as an eye-catcher and reference point for customers looking for the entrance. Ruukki Emotion has been used in the ceiling, where LED lights have been placed behind the perforated copper profile attached to the ceiling. 

Ruukki Emotion has also been used inside the banking hall, where LED lights have been placed behind a light perforated steel profile to create a sense of space and light, and to brighten up this almost windowless area.

Kymenlaakson Rakennus Oy was responsible for the construction work. The new premises were officially opened during week 38. 

Ruukki® Emotion façade system includes perforated façade cladding, a support structure and the background lightening system with LED lights.

Media service: Tapani Tuominen, communications manager, Ruukki Construction, tel. +358 50 314 3131,


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