Mar 08, 2018

JMT Koskela Oy sells agricultural products as a part of the Lantmännen Agro chain. The company sells, among others, fertilizers, seeds and machinery to farmers. The store in Kokkola, Finland,  is about to move to other premises. The shop-owner couple, Virpi and Jani Koskela, bought new facilities to better serve their customers for modern needs. At the end of November 2017, they bought the Stark building alongside Jyväskyläntie.

"The building was completed 10 years ago and it's in good shape. Painting its interior will suffice as a renovation", says Virpi Koskela.

"The shop building facade is made of painted plywood sheets with a very weathered surface. We will replace it", continues Jani Koskela.

Durable and easy to maintain facade

For the facade of the store building, the Koskelas selected Ruukki Venice S10 facade lamella. The facade is mainly white, with intermittent horizontal green sections.

"The purpose of the facade renovation is to get the store to fit in with its neighbouring surroundings, which includes several buildings. The green color fits this commerce very well, also fitting the style of the building – the old facade had green in it, too", says Virpi Koskela.

The Koskelas emphasize that the facade must be durable and easy to maintain. An option offered by a competitor of Ruukki was also an option, but the Ruukki product didn't have to be purchased without knowing the outcome.

"We received good service from Ruukki and were shown images of how the completed facade and building will look. That is a very important feature for the client during the selection process," says Jani Koskela.

"We trust Ruukki's quality and Ruukki’s package was the best", says Virpi Koskela.  

Looks and functionality to boost commerce

The Koskelas feel that the building and the image of the company are significant to their commerce. The image is affected by both functionality and appearance. Agriculture is at a turning point. As the size of farms increases, the amount of farms decreases.

"For us, this means fewer clients that buy more at a time. This is why we also require meeting rooms for our customer service", says Jani Koskela.

A stylish store is a sign of respect for our clients and of our belief in continued trade in Finnish agriculture.

"In addition to the stylish facilities being a nicer place to do business for our clients, it also has significance for our employees, and their motivation at work. It is certainly nice to come to a stylish space which also has functional customer service facilities", continues Virpi Koskela.

The Koskelas are continuing a family tradition

Commerce for the needs of agriculture lies in the Koskela family. Jani Koskela took over management duties at his parents' business in 2011. In addition to the shop in Kokkola, the Koskelas manage four other shops in Finland, in Toholampi, Kannus, Lohtaja and in Veteli. The new Kokkola location will be the central location for all of the shops, complete with a warehouse.

In Kokkola's Lantmännen Agro, there is 4,500 square meters of shop space, with covered warehouse facilities totalling 2,500 square meters. Customers come to the shop from an estimated radius of 60 kilometers. In addition to the owner couple, there are 14 employees at JMT Koskela Oy.

The Swedish Lantmännen Agro bought the K agricultural commerce from Kesko in June 2017.

Ruukki delivered:
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