Avar Auto upgrades its premises to reflect the top-quality products it sells

May 09, 2018

Avar Auto’s new premises were completed in September 2017 on the busy A5 main road around 8 kilometres to the south of the Latvian capital of Riga.

“We wanted our business premises to match the top-quality products we sell, which is why we gave a lot of thought to not just appearance, but also practicalities,” says Varis Veinbergs, after-sales  manager at Avar Auto.

The company earlier operated out of leased premises on an adjacent plot. Having discussed location with customers, the company decided to build its own premises on the neighbouring plot.

“Our investment in our own elegant building is a message to customers of business continuity and that we’re here to stay,” says Veinbergs, who acted as project manager in the construction project.

Avar Auto imports, sells, services and repairs trucks, buses and vans and is the authorised importer of MAN trucks and buses in Latvia. 

Practicality and energy efficiency behind the project

The building is the newest and most modern truck service point in the Baltic region. Around half of the more than 3,000 square metre building is dedicated to vehicle service facilities and the remainder to office use.

“Our approach was to build premises that make work both easy and effective by, for example, making machinery and tools within easy reach. Energy efficiency was also another important factor,” explains Veinbergs.

The service area has seven lines, each 32 metres in length. One of the lines is for washing vehicles and another is for vehicle diagnostics. Trucks can drive in at one end of the line and out at the other.  Between 15 and 30 trucks are serviced during a 24-hour period and work is done in two shifts.

Only quality products would do 

“We commissioned the architect to design a building that is practical, impressive and which is constructed of high-quality materials. The wall panels, for example, had to conform to MAN Truck & Bus standards and visual guidelines,” says Varis Veinbergs.

The wall panels had to be capable of being quickly installed to ensure the project kept to a tight schedule. The architect recommended Ruukki energy panels for the building walls and this meant that both the exterior and interior walls could be built at the same time. White panels were chosen for the office premises and micro-profiled grey panels for the vehicle service section. The fact that energy panels were chosen for the walls speaks for the energy efficiency requirement for the building. A special coating was added to the wall panels installed in the vehicle wash line so that they better withstand greater wear and tear. This special coating did not require any extra efforts in the construction process.

“Collaboration with Ruukki went really smoothly. Ruukki measured the panel area and all deliveries were on schedule,” commended Varis Veinbergs.

Dream team created its workplace 

The foundations for the new building were cast in September 2016 and a year later the premises were inaugurated. Varis Veinbergs notes that the entire project went completely to plan and was on schedule.

”Everyone – us, the architects and building officials – worked together as a team and were in close contact throughout the project,” enthuses Varis Veibergs, adding that: “In a way, it was a pity this project came to an end. I was ready to start another similar project immediately after.  Our own team was brilliant. It was just as if a family were building their home. Everyone put their heart into the project and was committed to creating a good building. No wonder, since we were creating our own workplace.”

Premises ready for growth 

The new premises were driven by Avar Auto’s brand and aim to grow the market share in Latvia. Growth is being pursued by expanding the product portfolio and increasing vehicle servicing.

”Our company image facelift is already reflected in our business performance. When we look back a year and compare it with the time we have been in our new premises, we can see an improvement in sales,” says Varis Veinbergs.

Avar Auto is a private Latvian company which imports trucks and buses. The company has been the exclusive importer of MAN trucks to Latvia for 15 years already. In 2015, the company also began to be the authorised dealer in Latvia for MAN and Neoplus buses. The new premises also have a vehicle servicing function and central stock for spare parts. More than 40 people work at the premises.

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