New Ruukki® Hyygge modular roof for the Polish market – Nordic style modernism

Apr 26, 2018

Ruukki, which is known for its state-of-the-art construction solutions, has launched a new roofing product, Ruukki® Hyygge, a new flat modular tile roofing sheet, which will be available starting from 16 April 2018.

The name Hyygge is derived from the Danish word hygge, which sums up what we value the most in the Nordic approach to life – safety, closeness, quality. It also reflects the pursuit of cosy comfort and contentment that comes from doing simple things. Ruukki® Hyygge was inspired by the idea of a safe, comfortable, eco-friendly house.

More possibilities with Hyygge

Ruukki® Hyygge stands out by its aesthetics and solutions to ensure easy installation and safe performance. This simple and elegant form of roof tile sheets is perfectly in keeping with contemporary architectural trends. Ruukki® Hyygge comes in a choice of two finishing options – with or without grooves – and enables three different ways of installation, depending on the customer’s own preferences. The products can be installed in brick or line layout for panels with grooves and in brick layout for panels without grooves.

This new product from Ruukki is a perfect solution for both buildings with simple gable roofs and for terraced and multi-family houses where a roof can enhance the beauty of the entire building. Flat roof tile sheets Ruukki® Hyygge have a steel thickness of 0.6 mm and come in a choice of three different colours: graphite, anthracite and black.

High quality guaranteed by Ruukki

The roof’s aesthetic look and proper performance are ensured by a specially designed system of original flashings. Ruukki® Hyygge is protected against UV radiation, corrosion and scratches by GreenCoat Purex coating and comes with a 40-year technical performance guarantee. Together with roof safety and ventilation products, Ruukki® Hyygge flat modular roof tile sheets create a complete solution that is not only visually attractive but also provides peace of mind.

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