Ski track for world’s largest indoor ski centre to be tested in Seinäjoki - Skiing legend Juha Mieto to be at the launch of the prototype

Feb 28, 2018

Ruukki has been chosen to deliver the steel structures for the world’s largest indoor ski centre under construction at Lørenskog, Norway, some 20 kilometres to the east of Oslo. A cross-country ski track of about one kilometre in length will be built and suspended from the roof structures at the end of the downhill slope. The first component in the track can be seen at an event to be held at Ruukki’s plant in Peräseinäjoki on 28 February. At the event, the Norwegian customers will inspect the prototype before actual production. 

The ski track will comprise of 120 components and weigh about 400 tonnes. The first part now being shown is similar to the final component and is about seven metres long and five metres wide.

The ski centre investors will inspect and approve the component’s technical properties such as strength and oscillation properties. Besides this, they will approve the track colour and cladding material. When completed, the ski track will be able to withstand the loading caused by skiers and a 6-tonne ski track grooming machine. 

Ruukki will design, manufacture and install the steel frame and load-bearing sheets. Ruukki has the expertise required to design complex steel structures. A further design complexity is that the ski track will be suspended from and fixed to the roof structures by tension rods. Around 4 kilometres are needed for this purpose. 

This demanding project, also by Nordic standards, is being managed by Ruukki’s Peräseinäjoki unit. The steel structure design used to complete the architectural creation is based entirely on Ruukki’s solution. The unit has been working with the customer on the project for around the past two years. 
A further challenge is that the indoor ski centre is being built into a slope following the contours of the landscape. The building must take into account landscaping restrictions and blend into the surroundings, without blocking the view of residential properties.

Work will start on installing the steel structure in mid-May 2018 and the ski centre will open in early 2020. Open every day of the year, the ski centre will house a surface area covered by snow will be larger than four football pitches. The downhill ski slope will be more than 500 metres long and have five ski lifts. 

For more information, please contact:
Mika Jäsperlä, Design manager, tel. +358 50 387 3161,


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